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When you think of weed, you probably think of the munchies and the drowsy, positive sleep effects (the Indica strain is fondly referred to as “in-da-couch” for a reason). Known for its ability to help you relax and unwind, cannabis is usually associated with making you want to do & less, not more.

You may have noticed certain cannabis-infused goodies not-so-subtly dropping hints of this benefit, like Kiva Confection & Camino Wild Cherry “Excite", House of Wise’s & Sex Gummies, or Betty’s Eddies Smashin’ Passion & for instance.

But cheeky marketing aside, in the right dose and right setting, cannabis & can & actually make you horny, increasing excitement, drive, and desire, as well as give you & seriously intense orgasms & and help you orgasm more easily, while improving overall sexual satisfaction (i.e. “Was it good for you?” — Yes. Yes it was.

href="https://alienlabsdisposables.com/actually-weed-can-be-great-for-your-libido/">Weed Can Be Great for Your Libido - Alien Labs

Wondering why you’ve never heard about the positive impact of weed on libido before? The link between cannabis and women’s libido is only just now beginning to be studied, explored, and discussed. Two taboos for far too long, these off-limits topics are now finding their Venn diagram overlap, and the results so far are, well,& exciting

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